defense solutions

New, from Jackarunda Industries!



Legacy Addon (unzip into garrysmod/addons)

This is a sENT pack an is themed around pseudo-realistic stationary defense, personal defense, area denial, early warning etc.

NOTE: All these entities are more-or-less meant to be used in a realistic scenario/gamemode, such as some type of deathmatch, combat, roleplay, survival or some such. While they may be fun in sandbox, recognize that many here may be either pointless, impractical or overpowered when the spawnmenu is readliy available. Sandbox is plenty fun, but please recognize that it is neither balanced nor realistic.

NOTE: Almost all entities in the pack are colorable! They have masking on their materials such that they can accept any color and will apply it stylistically rather than simply applying a tint over the whole object, like gmod does by default. Can be colored either by the color tool or the Paint Kit. This allows you to apply a common style to all of YOUR junk and allows the items to be more easily integrated.

Also, for people who are numpad-challenged (lel), there are console commands to detonate the remote weapons. Type “jacky_remote_det” to detonate all placed remote explosives. Alternatively, type “jacky_fougasse_det” or “jacky_claymore_det” to blow those two respectively. You can bind concommands to a key of your choice; look up how to bind keys in gmod/HL2.

Type *drop suit*, *drop vest* or *drop helmet* in chat to take stuff off.

GLOSSARY AND INSTRUCTIONS: (click to expand)dong

Aid Communicator

- JI self-powered ultra-long-range radio communicator, preprogrammed to auto-establish a connection with the nearest JI supply facility

- these radios are standard-issue for any remote-operating JI task force (how you managed to get ahold of one I don’t know)

- powered by a simple battery, which is itself recharged by a miniature radioisotope thermoelectric generator

- the RTG provides near-infinite electrical power for at least a lifetime, though the main battery can only sustain radio operation for a couple minutes

- when it dies, just leave it off for a while and it’ll recharge. A radio with a 100km range (and orbital abilities) consumes a lot of power, and the last thing you want when you’re stranded is a radio whose batteries are permanently dead

- can be used to order MUNITIONS and other types of CONSUMABLES, like medical supplies. The supply is essentially infinite

- radio is chat-controlled, and ignores capitalization and punctuation (except for periods)

- turn the radio on and off with USE (E). Make sure to turn it off when you’re not using it to spare the battery

- INFORMATION on what kinds of things can be ordered can be gotten by turning on the radio and saying “requesting list” (without the quotes lel)

- INFORMATION on how to use the radio can be gotten by using the CONCOMMAND “jacky_radio_help”


- turn on radio

- say “requesting aid”

- say your desired items until radio operator tells you package is full

- wait until arrival

- don’t get hit by the box

- you can scrap an order by saying “nevermind”

- the radio can be used as a secret communication device: when you turn it on, take note of the ID that the radio declares. If you want to send a message to another radio, turn yours on and say “comm X blah blah blah” to send “blah blah blah” to the radio with the id X. Anyone standing near that radio will hear your message, and your chat will NOT be broadcast to the rest of the server.

Land Mines

- JI simple mechanical impact-blast resistant landmines

- remove the safety to arm the mine (USE)

- will resist bullets and explosions, triggering only when it detects constant pressure for more than 50ms

- primary casualty mechanism is an upward-pointing shaped blast charge, with minor fragmentation from the casing


- small: tiny and difficult to detect (with the right coloring), these mines are reliable casualty-producers but a single one of them is unlikely to kill

- medium: larger than the tiny mines and a single one will often (not always) kill any combatant who steps on it

- large: generally used as an anti-vehicle mine, will certainly kill personnel and will likely disable vehicles (can de-weld props)


- Jackarunda Industries autonomous stationary ground-based area-denial smart munition

- motion-sensing within about 10 meters

- always warns visually and audibly before detonating, with warn-time dependent on the speed of the encroaching object

- explodes with tremendous power, with an effective casualty radius of about 25 meters

- primary casualty mechanism is simple blast force, with moderate fragmentation from its armored casing

- can deweld props (and thus damage or disable vehicles)

- heavily armored, completely immune to small-arms fire and very resistant to explosions

- locks self in place with three heavy duty prongs, preventing itself from being moved after arming

- ignores small targets, like birds, cats and dogs (read: headcrabs and zombie torsos)

- whem primed, warns audibly and visually for about 8 seconds before locking down and arming (so be sure you’re out of its detection radius before then)

- USE brings up a menu where you can prime the mine or have it record your IFF tag ID (thus allowing the mine to be a “smart” munition and not detonate if friendlies are near)

Bounding Mine

- a V69-clone bounding antipersonnel mine, with five prongs and a casualty radius about 20 meters

- casualty mechanism is preformed shrapnel in the body of the mine, which an HE charge propels outward in all directions (does little damage to vehicles and structures)

- after being tripped, waits about 1 second and then shoots 2 meters in the air, where it detonates and sprays the area with shrapnel

- USE buries it in the ground/surface and arms it

- can only be buried/armed in soft surfaces, like dirt, sand, foliage or mud

Claymore Mine

- classic US M18 Claymore antipersonnel mine, which, upon detonation, projects preformed shrapnel in a cone about 60 degrees wide in front if itself, and will kill out to about 30 meters (does little damage to vehicles and structures)

- the mine in this pack is not set up autonomously, as most claymores IRL are command-detonated. USE places the mine and arms it, giving the player the detonator that comes with it. The default key for the detonator is NUMPAD ZERO

- can be disarmed and relocated

- useful as an ambush weapon as well as a defense weapon

- can be armed anywhere, but will only STICK in soft surfaces like mud, dirt, sand, foliage or wood. If armed on a hard surface, you just have to stand it up

- the final angle of the mine when armed is determined by where the player is standing when he arms it. It will always face the same direction you are, standing closer will make it point more downward, and standing back will make it point more upward

- press USE to place and arm the mine


- US M2 SLAM (selectable lightweight attack munition) mine (yeah I know already in HL2, but it’s represented really poorly)

- the mine in this pack is armed in autonomous mode, where an acoustic sensor senses something approaching, and activates an infrared (read: invisible) laser-like detector. If the detector beam hits something, the mine is triggered

- primary damage mechanism is an EFP (explosively formed penetrator). Upon detonation, the explosive forces a big copper dish into a projectile-like shape and propels it at multiple kilometers per second. This heavy metal slug has enough kinetic energy to punch through a respectable amount of vehicular armor

- can be used against personnel, but will typically only kill one person, and an entire EFP is way overkill for one person

- the laser has a detection range of about 18 meters, though the EFP fired will be effective to longer distances still (though not accurate enough to warrant firing at those distances)

- good for guarding the mouth of a tunnel against advancing enemy armor

- useful mostly against vehicles

- press USE (E) to pick it up, then double-tab USE to place and arm it. It will wait for about two seconds before going live

Naval Mine

- a U.S. Mk-VI 80 kg contact mine, with additional high-sensitivity hertz horns for versatility and a ringloop so it can be moored. Buoyant in standard water

- press USE to arm the mine, about 5 seconds after which it will go live (arm mine, dump out of boat, promptly leave)

- can de-weld props with a massive explosion

Sentry Turrets

- state-of-the-art Jackarunda Industries automomous automatic gun platforms

- stationary machines capable of autonomously defending a location from intruders, employing lethal force if necessary

- capable of sensing, watching and recognizing organic targets (humans, animals) as well as electrical combat-drones and vehicles with certain characteristics in nearly any environment with a clear LoS in at least two of several electromagnetic frequencies

- accept any 12V DC source of electricity as power, most commonly car batteries

- as ammo, can accept any of appropriate belts of (US-army standard) linked ammunition in standard ammunition boxes

- can be set to warn targets before firing at them

- can operate from any angle, but will auto-shutdown if anything is pressing against the turret’s head. Can work underwater

- targetting parameters are completely field-configurable with a small control panel on the back of each platform, from type of target, to target size, to firing behavior

- each senty can remember a number of IFF tag IDs, enabling allies to move through its field of fire without being engaged, though each combatant must be wearing an IFF tag whose signature has been registered with the platform

each sentry can be locked via voice commands (if currently unlocked) with any chosen password. When near a sentry, say “sentry lock blahblahblah” to lock the sentry with password blahblahblah. This will prevent its controls from being accessed or it accepting new connection requests from a terminal. To unlock, say “sentry unlock blahblahblah”. If the password is correct, the sentry will unlock.


  1. spawn sentry of choice
  2. spawn appropriate ammunition (each turret has a label)
  3. spawn battery
  4. place battery and ammo near the turret (within about a meter)
  5. open menu and click the Ammunition button to load the ammo
  6. re-open menu and click Electricity button to load battery
  7. open menu, click “Activate” to begin the massacre

- many different models, each having different preset targetting parameters to match the characteristics of their mounted weapon, the types being:

- RIFLE: akin to an automatic 5.56 carbine, high firepower, good for general medium-range defense against medium-size soft targets

- PISTOL: akin to a 9mm semi-auto combat pistol, has the single highest detection and traversal speed of any turret, making it excellent as a last-line backup or quick-response turret for small threats or in close-in awkward environments/angles. However, has a fairly short range and lacks overall firepower

- SHOTGUN: akin to a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, boasts somewhat higher firepower and hit capability at close range than the rifle turret, and excels at hitting small, fast-moving targets that other platforms might miss. However, has a relatively short range

- PLINKER: akin to a .22 semi-auto rifle, severely lacks firepower but has good response time and very low power consumption, in addition to .22 ammo boxes containing hundreds of rounds more than other boxes. These traits make the PLINKER excellent as an inexpensive long-lasting low-threat-area guard against varmints and such

- SNIPER: akin to a 7.62 bolt-action rifle, boasts very high accuracy and very long engagement range combined with high damage output, but detects and traverses very slowly. This makes it a good way to defend a large area from evasive threats while keeping a very large no-go zone for hostiles

- SUB MACHINE GUN: akin to a 9mm SMG, boasts the highest fire rate of any platform and offers very high firepower for the small pistol rounds it uses. Has a range slightly longer than the pistol and shotgun platforms, and tracks fairly quickly. Good for all types of soft targets, but tends to be extremely wasteful of ammo and overheats if used for extended periods

- MARKSMAN: akin to a long-barreled semi-auto 5.56 rifle, works effectively as designated marksman with moderate damage output, high accuracy and moderately long engagement range, for defending against substantial threats over a long range. Very versatile, though slower fire rate and traversal rate than rifle turret

- MACHINE GUN: akin to a 7.62 belt-fed medium-machine-gun, this is the only turret selected for universal inclusion in stationary defense positions by the US-Army, as it boasts enormous firepower, high fire rate, and reasonable traversal speed. However, MACHINE GUN turrets tend to overheat quickly with sustained use, and they drain their batteries quickly as well

- ANTI-MATERIEL: akin to a single-shot bolt-action .338 Lapua Magnum rifle, takes more of an ‘active defense’ role, keeping hostiles pinned down at extreme ranges, providing an extremely large no-go zone and enforcing it with a ridiculously destructive round. Also useful in niche applications for downing large creatures, such as bears or cape buffalo. Traverses and fires extremely slowly; practically useless against moving targets at short range

- GRENADE: akin to a single-shot 40mm grenade launcher, has a 15 meter minimum engagement range and  is capable of putting HE-FRAG power on targets out to fairly long ranges, providing minor anti-armor and counter-defilade capability

- ROCKET: akin to a shoulder-fired HE-FRAG rocket type weapon, this single-shot platform provides high-power anti-armor capability at medium-long ranges. Has a minimum engagement distance. Beware of backblast

- MISSILE: akin to a shoulder-fired MANPAD system, this single-shot platform has a minimum engagment distance, and will track, lock on to, and engage any fast-moving vehicles, but can be configured for other targets. Missile uses a soft-launch system and can track fast-moving targets to detonate on proximity with HE-FRAG type effects. Beware of backblast

Aid Food

- for base survivability

- J.I. nutrient bars contain 2000 calories (fat, protein and carbohydrates) each along with 100% daily recomended values of 8 of the most important vitamins and minerals

- press USE on box to eat some of a bar, restoring 5 health

Aid Water

- for base survivability

- J.I. cubic antimicrobial water bottles containing purified water

- box also contains water purification powder and some disinfectant

- press USE on box to drink some water, restoring 3 health

Aid Fuels

- for base survivability

- multiple types of fuel for all your fuel needs

- propane: (current use is only as an explosive)

- gasoline: (current use is only as a fire-spreading agent)

- diesel: can be set up as a flame fougasse (and otherwise can be used as a small light source and can light objects on fire)

- kerosene: (current use is only as a light source)

- butane: (current use is only as a rocket type thing)

Armor Panels

- dense panels that are impervious to J.I. explosive devices

- will sometimes reflect bullets at shooter

- can NOT (repeat, can NOT) be no-clipped through. At all. Noclipping into a panel results in the clipper being pushed backwards and forced out of noclip

- block HL2 bullets and help block HL2 explosions

- including one of these in your base’s walls (layer defense) will prevent people from clipping in your base

- do NOT attempt to use these to minge people in the spawn. Any panels found near a player’s spawn point will be removed

- three sizes, small, medium, large

Ballistic Shield

- impervious to all bullets, even simple penetration scripts like those used in FAS weapons

- blocks heavily against blast damage

- can be picked up with USE (E) from the back and carried, using the default HL2 prop pickup system

- when picked up, auto-orients self to optimum blocking angle

- can not be picked up from the front

- can not be physgunned from the front

Body Armor

- we have wearable, colorable body armor, from vietnam-era stuff to cutting-edge modern tech

- for any piece of armor, press USE on it to wear it, assuming you don’t have anything on already

- type “*drop helmet*” or “*drop vest*” to drop your armor (without the quotes, but with the asterisks)

- if you want colored variants, be sure to color the armor before putting it on

- vests:

- ballistic nylon: vietnam-era BN vests. Protect somewhat against blast fragmentation, but not very well against anything else. Lightweight, only slow you down about 5%

- soft kevlar: modern soft kevlar vest, protects a bit better againt fragments than the BN, and additionally offers some protection from bullets, but not much else. Lightweight, only slows you down about 5%

- kevlar SAPI: kevlar vest with Small Arms Protective Inserts. Protects pretty well against fragmentation and bullets, as well as better protection from stabs and blunt force. Heavy, slows you down about 20%

- stab vest: a police-type stab vest which protects very well against slashing and stabbing weapons, as well as protecting pretty well against needle type things (like poison headcrabs), 5% slowdown

- impact vest: rigid polycarbonate/titanium hardshell cuirass, which protects the torso from being crushed (blunt melee and prop impact damage). Doesn’t do shit against bullets. Very inflexible/heavy, slows like 30%

- helmets:

- steel helmet: vietnam era steel pot. Provides a decent amount of general protection and has a small chance of deflecting headshots. Obstructs vision somewhat

- kevlar-resin helmet: modern rigid-resin kevlar helmet. Provides some general protection and has a decent chance of deflecting headshots. Obstructs vision less than steel helmet

- polyethylene helmet: cutting-edge Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene helmet. Provides a bit of general protection and has a good chance of deflecting incident headshots. Obstructs vision only barely

- riot helmet: anti-riot helmet with faceshield. Provides a good amount of general protection but won’t stop bullets. Obstructs and tints vision

- impact helmet: a motorcycle/stunt helmet that provides a very good amount of general protection. Doesn’t stop or deflect bullets. Significantly obstructs and tints vision

Cluster Minelayer

- press USE to engage it, clicks for 3 seconds then explodes in small landmines in a RADIAL pattern (imagine a disc) aligned normal to the direction the bomb is pointing (mines fly outward to the SIDES of the bomb)

- mines auto-engage in about 10-20 seconds

- mines that come out match the color of the bomb, so color it before engaging

- good for making an instant minefield

Flame Fougasse Kit

- small remote charge that when combined with a diesel can, makes a remote-detonatable flame mine, which asplodes fire errywhere

- press USE on a diesel canister with a fougasse kit near in order to create a flame mine


- J.I. wearable passive infrared/radio Identification Friend or Foe tags for people

- each tag has a unique ID, which various JI devices can record in order to be able to identify the wearer in the future

- press USE on a tag to pick it up and wear it

Paint Kit

- yellow, magenta, cyan, white and black tiny spraypaint cans to color anything any color, along with a roll of masking tape

- press USE on it to select a color, and then press the button in order to paint the nearest object the chosen color

- can’t paint huge objects

Radio Repair Kit

- used to fix the Aid Commnunicator when it breaks

- press USE on radio with a repair kit near in order to repair the radio

Turret Repair Kit

- used to fix any turret (including the tesla sentry) when it breaks

- press USE on a broken sentry with a repair kit near

Tesla Sentry

- J.I. Tesla Sentry autonomous electrical arc-sentry (aka the lightning tower)

- due to the nature of high-voltage electricity, is indiscriminate, electrocuting any moving conductive target in range

- takes a bit to charge up capacitors, then sits. When it detects motion, it dumps all that power into the tesla coil in an attempt to electrocute the object

- press USE to open menu. Load up with two batteries. Choose charge level (high means slow-charging high-power shocks, low means fast-charging low-power shocks) and press Activate

- warns the area while the tower rises, then goes hot

- works from any angle, but will auto-shutdown if anything is too close to the coil

- does not work underwater, lawl

- motion sensor fast enough to hit fast-moving airborne targets, like rockets and grenades. The jolt of electricity usually detonates a grenade’s explosive

Turret Ammo Boxes:

- linked ammo in boxes, for use in turret sentries


- battery to power electrical things

Turret Missile Pod

- single-use missile pod for missile sentries

Turret Rocket Pod

- single-use rocket pod for rocket sentries


- jackrunda industries hazardous materials handling system

- wear this item to gain nearly perfect protection from airborne and contact-toxins

- suit material permeability less than .0000001% for particulate larger than 10nm in size

- US military NBC-level-A-rated respirator and suit material protects from a majority of typical biological and molecular contaminants

suit walls are extremely puncture-resistant, protecting the wearer from intentional or unintentional suit puncture (read: poisin headcrabs)

- flip a few valves to obtain a complete SCBA with two canisters of self-pressurizing liquid oxygen (about 6 hours) contained in the back of the suit

(does it work with gbombs? Only partially; the creators of Gbombs 5 didn’t put the right damage types in their poison scripts.)

- makes many HL2 levels and map hazards a non-issue

Fire-Faraday Suit

- jackrunda industries fire-proximity suit with faraday mesh

- wear this item to gain protection from fire, plasma and IR-environments with temps up to 750 C

- US-firefighting standard respirator removes smoke and toxic oxides of nitrogen from breathing air

- flip a few valves to obtain a complete SCBA with one canister of self-pressurizing liquid oxygen (about 2 hours) contained in the back of the suit

aluminuzed outer layers do well to divert electricity around the body, acting as a faraday enclosure, protecting the wearer fairly well from electric shock

- makes many HL2 levels and map hazards a non-issue

(this suit also does somewhat well to reflect the damage caused by the high-energy pellets launched by combine elite AR2s and such)

Sentry Terminal

- jackarunda industries remote-control unit for sentries

- being near turret, press E to connect (if the turret is powered and on)

- controls: WASD to traverse, USE (E) to switch view modes, RELOAD ® to toggle safety, SPRINT(SHIFT) to traverse more quickly, PRIMARY (LEFTCLICK) to fire, SECONDARY (RIGHT CLICK) (hold) to zoom and slow traverse rate, JUMP (SPACEBAR) to exit the terminal

- remote warfare!

EOD Suit

- a PMC (jackarunda industries) Explosive Ordnance Disposal suit.

- designed to save wearer’s life in the event of an explosion, this cumbersome suit features revolutionary passive ventilation structures to decrease the risk of heat stroke as well as surpassing the U.S. Army EOD standards for emergency blast protection

- protects very well from blast wave and shrapnel, and offers decent protection from fire, bladed weapons, blunt force impact, etc. In short, blast protection excellent, general protection good, firearm protection somewhat decent

- ultra-thick UHMWPE helmet with 4cm ultra-long-polymer polycarbonate faceshield protects face (though obscures vision), even against bullets, with have a tendency to ricochet off the surface of the helmet

Sleeping Bag

- overrides your spawn point. Great way to start fresh or stay in the safety of your base

- press USE to own an unowned sleepin bag, changes to color of player

- player may only spawn on sleepin bag once erry 60 seconds, and may only have one sleepin bag active at a time

- players can not takeover owned sleeping bag, but bag can be destroyed with fire

CCGT Generator

- combined cycle gas turbine generator, JI industries heavily armored

- generates infinite power for sentries n shit for as long as its running

- runs on any hydrocarbon or hydroxyl fuel (including HL2 gas tanks and whatever), needs oxygen to run

- press USE to load nearest fuel container, USE to start and USE to shutdown

- to plug an object in, simply tap it against the generator

an object must have active energy storage ability in order to use the power system, (sentries must have a battery installed)

- one canister of JI compressed diesel will last for about 10 real-time minutes

Electrical Hub

- small box with many sockets

can connect to generators and all electrical devices

allows you to distribute power further, as well as split power

can also recharge batteries and items with build-in batteries, simply tap the item against a powered hub


Murder: Advanced would be another name for this.

It’s just like Murder, except better. More realistic. More in-depth. The murderer can’t confront the gunman in open combat, since even the wimpiest of pistols is more than a match for a lowly knife IRL. Instead, the murderer must rely on cunning, stealth, deception and general trickery (along with his small arsenal of homemade devices of death and terror) in order to win.

Murder, of course, being the original, made by Mechanical Mind, is located here:

No, you don’t need that gamemode/addon/content to play this. Homicide is 100% standalone (except you might need HL2 and CS:S of course)

Don’t ask me how to play the damn game. It’s Murder. If you’re playing Gmod and you don’t know what Murder is, get out from under your rock and then kill yourself with it.

This gamemode works on ANY MAP! Prophunt and TTT maps are excellent. Note that map choice affects sub-gamemode selection: ttt_ for SoE gamemode, mu_ or md_ for Homicide, zs_ for Zombie Outbreak.

Commands and Variables: If the rifle scope screws up for you, you must have a GPU not capable of properly rendering diffraction. To fix this, use the console command homicide_scope_fix. Also, homicide_maplist.txt in the server’s garrysmod data folder can specify a map rotation. The convar hmcd_roundlimit determines how many rounds will pass before an automatic mapchange. The cvar sv_cheats sets whether or not teamkillers are penalized and enables/disables the global anticheat (antinoclip anti-map weapons anti everything) system. The chat command *unstick will get you unstuck from something. But you can only use it once per round. You can also use the cmd homicide_player_speed_mul to change ppl’s movement speed and homicide_loot_spawn_mul to change the rate loot spawns at.

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Everyone in the game has hands, and they’re not a useless upper-body paralyzed hands either, like in Murder Original. You can bring them up and punch with them if you want, which can both deal damage and move people (yourself included). General utility. Your fists can be used to push yourself up and over things, and push other players out of your collision box if you get stuck. You can also attack people, obviously, though if you’re an innocent bystander you will lose your innocence. You can still grab and drag objects with hands too. It’s possible, if enough people band together, for them to gang up on the murderer and beat him to death, though that would take a lot of courage (as some people would inevitably get stabbed). When your fists are out, you can hold RMB to block, which reduces incoming punch and impact damage. When your fists are not out, you can also pull players toward you with right click.


The firearm in the game is a Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact, a very small 9x19mm semi-auto pistol (if I could have found a Ruger LCP viewmodel, I’d have used that). It’s not terribly powerful (for a firearm, but still very powerful in a general sense). It’s the kind of pistol that a lawful concealed-carrying civilian would probably have when all this murder shit went down one fateful day. Its bullets can penetrate thin obstacles (mostly doors), dependent on the material, thickness and angle. They can also ricochet, also dependent on surface and angle. 1o-round magazine (low-cap), and you spawn with two magazines. It’s not a lot of ammo, but MORE than enough to easily take down a single knife-wielding psycopath. Also, if you’re playing only against one other person, you only get one mag and you have to load it at the beginning. For balance.


The knife is an M37 SOG Seal Pup, a fixed-blade half-serrated nitride-coated knife with a glass-filled nylon handle. It’s a nice knife. I know. I have one. The murderer always stabs with it (rather than slashing), and it’ll kill pretty quickly. It does NOT have the reach, speed or sheer ludicrous insane stupid idiotic ridiculous lethality of the original Murder knife, so it’s not something that you can just chase down a gun-toting person with and kill them. You gotta play it cool. Only stab people when there’s no one around, see? All melee weapons in the game slow people down when hit with them, so you can really catch someone and carve them up. And no, you can’t throw the knife. Also, a-la TF2, backstabs do double damage. Again, don’t whip it out and sprint toward the gunman. He’ll just shoot you, plain and simple. Get behind him when he ain’t lookin and stab him before he can draw his pistol. Or use one of your other weapons for the gunman.

Pocket Knife

There’s another knife in the game, a CRKT M16Z series safety-liner-lock folding-blade knife. It’s also half-serrated, and really damn snazzy. I would know. I have one. No one spawns with it, but bystanders can eventually get one (by collecting loot). It’s not nearly as deadly as the murderer’s knife (since you only ever slash with it), but it’s much more deadly than fists, and can give a bystander a fighting chance.

Baseball Bat

This is a typical baseball bat (a stand-in for any club-like implement. It can not be hidden (either in hands or on ground), and can be used to attack people or to bat objects.


These are food and drink items you can find and consume. They grant health regeneration and stamina-regeneration boosts. They are also tasty.


This is a smartphone. Use can use it to call the cops. Every call HALVES the remaining time until the cops arrive.

Grappling Hook

A four-pronged hook and some rope. Left click to wind and throw up over a ledge. Left click to tighten rope and climb, right click to let out rope and descend. R to release rope.


The Six-Pointed Hira Shuriken, or Shaken, is a traditional throwing star purchased at a knife shop. It doesn’t do a ton of damage, but it definitely hurts and will cause bleeding when thrown at someone. This takes the place of the throwable knife from Murder Original. You will always recover it over time, though it does less damage than a knife stab.


The axe is a way for the murderer to go all-out and murder people at breakneck speed, but the axe, like the baseball bat, can not be concealed. The axe can also break down doors (HERE’S JOHNNY). Generally more deadly than the knife, each hit being roughly comparable to a center-mass pistol shot in terms of damage.


The Tetrodotoxin Needle is a tiny, super-sharp and super-small needle/syringe with a few milligrams of one of the deadliest neurotoxins known in it. All you gotta do is get real close and prick someone with it. It’s single use, though that’s all it takes to deliver what amounts to a few hundreds times the LD50 of this toxin into someone’s subcutaneous tissue. After somewhere around a minute, the target will start to feel the paralysis, and then will drop dead. By that time, of course, the murderer would be long gone, if he’s smart. Also: the stabbing of the needle does create a small sound and movement of the victim’s screen. It’s possible for the victim to notice, so only use this in crowds or when the victim is on the move or otherwise preoccupied. If he’s camping in a corner, staring intently, on full-alert, he’s not going to fail to notice you getting close to him with a needle in your hand. Although in a crowd situation, your nonchalant stance and small needle will easily be overlooked.

Blade Poison

The Curare Vial is a goo that can be applied to any bladed weapon, including the shuriken and the hatchet. Anyone slashed with the weapon will then succumb to paralysis and death.

Oral Poison

Sodium Cyanide Powder is a tiny vial of sodium cyanide, a white crystalline powder with a high solubility in water and a potent poison. Press LMB to mix it into a food or drink item. If anyone eats that item, they die in the same way as being poisoned from the needle.

Contact Poison

VX Vial is a tiny vial of VX nerge agent, Which can be smeared on any object and which will then poison anyone who touches the object.

Poison Gas Canister

Cyanide Canister is a nazi zyklon-b canister that releases cyanide gas when opened. Cyanide fills a room and poisons people. It also leaks through open doors/windows, down hallways etc. The gas canister is most effectice in an enclosed space, and much less effective out in the open.

Improvised Explosive Device

The Ammonal Explosive Kit is a handful of Ammonal, a blasting cap, and remote detonator. The murderer can create a lame little bomb with this, though it’s fragile and can’t be thrown and looks EXTREMELY suspicious. A better idea is to press LMB on a suitable object or corpse to hide the explosive in/on it. It will then show as red for you only. Use your detonator (the same SWEP) to detonate the explosive, killing within a small radius and wounding in a larger radius. Don’t act suspicious though. Don’t carry around your IED, because someone might catch on to you and shoot you. You can either hide the the explosive in something throwable and throw it into a crowd, or hide it in something and detonate it when someone walks past. My favorite is to kill someone, then hide the bomb on their corpse, then detonate it when others come to investigate. Lol. You only have one of these. Also, your choice of hiding-prop determines the nature of the resulting explosion. Small, dense, metal and glass props will create a hail of lethal fragments upon detonation, greatly raising personnel lethality. On the other hand, a soft case (something lame, like a box) will let the natural HE power of the explosive blow down doors. You can also put the explosive in/on a flammable item (like a gasoline can, or an acetylene tank or something) to make s firebomb that lights everyone and the area on fire for a good while.

Smoke Bomb

The Saltpeter Smoke Bomb is nothing more than a mix of caramelized sugar (cooked in a pan) and potassium nitrate with a fuze, stuffed in a cardboard tube. The murderer can light this and throw it to make a huge long-lasting smokescreen, either to block the gunman’s line-of-sight, or to create a great no-visibility environment for some rapid stabbing of innocents. Then when the smoke clears, there are lots of dead people in pools of blood and no murderer to be found. Use it however you think is most clever, but you only have one.

Epinephrine Autoinjector

The The Autoinjector is a military-style adrenaline autoinjector that the murder acquired before beginning his murder spree. Use it to give yourself 30 seconds of unlimited stamina and uninjured movement speed, perfect for closing the distance between you and your last victim.

Fake Pistol

The Fake Pistol is a spraypainted airsoft gun. It looks like a genuine firearm to bystanders, and you can use it, in certain situations, to fool and/or lure people. Don’t take it out at the beginning, in front of the real gunman, because he’ll know it’s fake. You can also drop the fake pistol with LMB, which sounds, looks and glows exactly like a real pistol spawned by the game. You can use the fake pistol on the ground as bait, luring someone to an ambush.


Ammunition spawns on the map. It’s very rare in normal Homicide, and more common in SoE. Ammuniton has different varieties and amounts in SoE. In normal Homicide it’s always 9x19mm UMC FMJ.


When picked up, allows players to use their offhand flashlight. The Murderer starts with one in normal Homicide (though he can still take flashlights) and every starts with one in SoE.

Walkie Talkie

Spawns only in SoE. If you chat while a walkie talkie is in your hand, your chat is heard (anonymously) by every other player who has a walkie talkie in their possession. They don’t have to have it out, just in their possession. The traitor spawns with one.


Fairly common spawn. Some kind of fabric (shirt, pants, curtains, etc) that can be used to slow bleeding. Doesn’t stop all bleeding, but will easily save a life.

Soft Body Armor

Rare spawn in SoE. Soft body armor (NIJ level IIIA, that’s “three-A”) protects the chest from handgun bullets. Rifle bullets will not be stopped.

Hard Body Armor

Super-rare spawn in SoE. Hard body armor (NIJ level III, that’s “three”) protects the chest from rifle bullets up to a certain energy level (will stop 8mm Mauser, and everything lesser). Also slows down the wearer’s movement speed by ten percent.


The ballistic helmet (ACH, advanced combat helmet) is a military-grade piece of protective gear that gives the wearer a good chance of deflecting headshots. Also obscures vision a little.

First-Aid Kid

Spawns only in SoE. Stops bleeding and starts health regeneration immediately.

Remington 870

This is a civilian pump-action hunting shotgun. It has a tight spread with double-aught buck and will royally fuck up anyone in its way. Reloads can be interrupted. This gun is only available in SoE (SHTF) mode.

Mauser Kar98

This is a cheap civilian bolt-action hunting rifle firing 8mm Mauser. It will one-shot anyone not wearing Level-III body armor, even at long range with a good center-mass shot. Crouch to improve aim. Only available in SoE.

Manurhin MR96

This is a cheap french revolver, like the kind that would be owned by a typical middle-class family. It’s chambered in .38 special, so it is somewhat lacking for power, but is very reliable and ammo is easy to come by. Only available in SoE. NOTE: you can only carry one handgun at a time (so either this or the Beretta PX4, unless you’re the traitor, then you may also carry the suppressed .22).

Walther P22 Suppressed

This is a semi-auto pistol with a suppressor. It fires .22LR, so ammo is cheap, but you gotta put a whole mag into someone’s chest to kill them, or you can pop them in the head. Really only good for close-range headshots. Only the traitor has this weapon. It’s not silent, but it’s quiet enough to not be noticed by everyone instantly, unlike all the other guns.


This is probably the most powerful weapon that a civilian can own without applying for an NFA tax stamp. They’re rare in SoE, but can be found. Very accurate, very powerful, 30 round-magazine, quick-firing. NOTE: Having any long-gun slows your movement by ten percent. You can only carry one long-gun as a time.



more realistic balance of everything. Movement speed, weapons damage, weapons, abilities, stamina, etc. Every player can sprint, there’s a stamina system, all penetrating-type injuries cause the player to bleed. Getting shot in the legs slows movement, getting shot in the arms forces weapon-switch to hands. Everything you carry also slows you down. Heavy things, like rifles and plate armor, slow you down more.


The loot system has been revamped. No longer does loot work only on “supported” maps, it now works on all maps. It uses a general algorithm to spawn loot items in places near players but in places that they can’t see. This forces players to move around the map in order to collect loot. Loot objects range from weapons to first aid items to food to other helpful items. The murder can obtain most of these, or sabatoge/hide them to keep bystanders from getting them. Players must also move around to collect loot, which gives the murderer opportunities to catch and murder them.

State of Emergency

This is a secondary sub-gamemode that engages whenever the server is running a map that’s larger/more-open than a certain threshold. Most common TTT maps, in addition to pretty much all sandbox maps will trigger this gamemode. This can be thought of as a realistic/believable/non-stupidiculous versoion of TTT. Standard homicide still runs normally on all smaller or murder-type maps. While Homicide simulates a psycho-killer situation in an otherwise normal public civilian setting, State of Emergency (SoE) simulates what some call a “shit-hit-the-fan” (SHTF) scenario, where a disaster occurs and society breaks down at some level for some period of time. Earthquake, tsunami, invasion, plague, apocalypse, the idea is to survive until the military arrives to restore order. Someone is a murdererous traitor who will kill everyone and loot them. The stakes are raised, as this mode has larger weapons, body armor, walkie talkies, medkits, etc.

Jihad Mode

This is a secondary sub-gamemode that engages on small maps in place of normal homicide. You’re a terrorist trying to blow everyone up. And you have a suicide belt. Aloha snackbar.

Wild-West Mode

This is a secondary sub-gamemode that engages on small maps in place of normal homicide. Everyone has a gun. It’s total madness, with people getting shot left and right, absoluetly horrible, chaos, danger, bad. Or is it?

Gun-Free-Zone Mode

This is a secondary sub-gamemode that engages on small maps in place of normal homicide. Nobody has a gun. Everyone knows that gun-free zones save lives, after all.

Team Deathmatch

This is a secondary sub-gamemode that engages on large maps in place of State of Emergency. There’s no murderer, everyone is a combatant that starts out with some weapons. It’s a classic arena/military free-for-all.

Zombie Outbreak

This is a secondary sub-gamemode that engages on large maps in place of State of Emergency. Note that this gamemode is MUCH more common on zs_ maps. The murderer is an alpha zombie, trying to eat the brains of the living. He can command the NPC zombies around and must try to get everyone. The survivors need to run, fortify or fight to survive.

Object Hiding

People can hide inside large hollow objects (crates, etc.) by pressing RMB+E. You can see from within the object, make noises, and nudge the crate. Very useful for hiding from pursuers and setting up ambushes.


There is a system in place to deal with random-deathmatchers. All damage you do to innocents (while not the murderer, and while that innocent hasn’t hurt anyone) is recorded as Guilt. Guilt is recorded on a GLOBAL table, and is indexed with SteamIDs, so no amount of re-joining or name-changing will reset your guilt. Only a server restart will reset the guilt table. All guilt (whether you’re on the server or not) is forgiven at a very slow rate. If you go an entire round without losing your innocence, you get a large forgiveness bonus. Players with too much guilt are gimped at the beginning of the round (either no weapons or forced-bystander). Players with WAY too much guilt are kicked/temp-banned at the end of the round. Players with whole fuckloads of guilt are kickbanned immediately. All rate and threshold values are subject to balancing. If someone unjustly kills you, you can forgive them by pressing F shortly after dying.


There is a system in place to obtain skill and experience points. Everyone gets experience just from playing, and gets skill points from doing good things. You get a medal that represents both, and you can see the medal by pressing Q. Your skill ratio (success/failure) determines your medal’s metal, and your experience determines your medal’s ribbon. Your medal is also showsn to everyone when you win the round. All player stats are saved in the server database.


actual names instead of the NATO alphabet. Uses the 600 most common male/female names in the U.S. as of 2015

Custom Identity

You can specify your name, model, color, body type and clothes with the console command homicide_appearance_menu


There are more fun things on the chat wheel (Q). You now have the emote gestures from sandbox and more voices. Fun stuff to mess around with. The gunman and murderer also have unique chat phrases they can say when they have their weapon drawn. As for regulat text-chat and voice chat, everything is normal except that while living, you can only hear other players (or see their chat) if they’re within talking distance, or half that distance if there’s no clear line of sight between you two. Players can always hear eachother if dead or if the round is starting. Players can also drop non-murderer weapons by typing *drop with that weapon out.


If there are no physics objects on the map (like a barebones sandbox map), then a few generic boxes n stuff will spawn randomly to add some flavor. Loot can also be found in objects when broken.


If the round goes on too long, the damn COPS will show up. They’ll start spawning in and will pursue the murderer (on noded maps, if not noded then they just wander). They’ll attack the murderer if they see him, and they’ll attack anyone else who has a weapon drawn (including fists). The purpose of the cops is to end the round, so they spawn in overwhelming numbers. If the murderer fails to kill anyone within a certain period of time after the cops show up, it’s assumed that they pinned him down and he gave up and the round ends.

I have also included AI nodegraphs for several popular Murder maps so that the cops aren’t dumbshits.

During SHTF scenarios, the National Guard arrive instead of the cops. They are far more deadly, and will only attack innocents if the innocents attack them or if they attack other innocents after their arrival.

National Guard

Guardsmen spawn in SoE instead of cops. The guardsman are just like cops, except they are MUCH more lethal and level-headed. They all have AR-style rifles that shred things, and they will only attack players who attack them or who attack other innocents. The guardsmen will not attack you just for having a weapon out.


More streamlined hud that looks nicer. Also, shows the locations of players on the map if they’re more than 100 meters away, so players can always find eachother on huge sandbox maps.